Customizing About page and other pages

There’re some special pages in Discourse: About, FAQ, ToS, Privacy. All of them can be changed except About.
I like the idea to have some fixed standard pages in every forum. But why About cannot be customized?

What I need for customizing About page:

  • ability to write some long text with markup (images, emails, phones, other website for contacts)
  • remove automatically created list of admins and moderators (can be done via css currently).

Also there’re links to these pages in main hamburger menu. But only for About and FAQ.
I’d like to be able to add links to other pages in this menu.
Then of cause we need an ability to create such (static) pages. Currently it could be just unlisted closed topics, but we still need an ability to add links to the hamburger menu.

I known there’re several plugins for static pages. I tried this one -
But it doesn’t work at all and breaks Admin UI.

I think at least customizing About page is a must-have feature.


I reckon this is not the best UX, but have you tried changing the description site settings with your content?

May I ask why would you want to remove that crucial piece of information?

Have a look here :wink:

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Sure, but it doesn’t work. It’s just text for meta in page head. So it’s limited. If you try add more content in that description in Admin/Settings it won’t save (“an error occurred”).

Well, I want to assign some people to be admins but it’s just for a case, I don’t want other people see that they are admins.

Thanks! But I was thinking about adding links into the hamburger menu (not profile):


Thanks, but not working for me.

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Then you are doing something wrong, as it works perfectly on my Sandbox.

I put the code under </head> not header though, so maybe check that.


If I may follow-up on this: I would also like to add some more text and some links to the about page. While it would be great to simply have an html-text field in the settings where I could add this information, I would be perfectly happy to add this via the CSS for nor, but I’m not sure how to do it…

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This seems to work as a workaround: This still needs some refinement:

section.about:after {
  content: "additional text on the about page right under the site description";

This seems to work, but I am sceptical because I have had bad experience with those ember identifiers as they can change and I don’t understand when and how:

#ember932 > div > div > section:nth-child(2) {
  content: "additional text on the about page right under the site description";

Ok, this is it (hooking it before the admins section should do the trick):

section.about.admins:before {
  content: "additional text on the about page right under the site description";

I just hope section.about.admins is not used anywhere else…


For reference you cannot target an ember element with the ID (932) because it’s a dinamic number.

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Do you know when when these IDs are re-assigned?

I’m not sure, but every time you open a new tab of your forum you might see different IDs (the last time I looked there was about 2 years ago but I think nothing has changed since then). Try to open it in incognito mode or with different browsers.

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So I have a way of adding some text to the about page:

But content only takes plain-text. What if I want to add html-code? Say

For more information click <a href="http://some/url">here</a>


Hi @tophee. I’m also interested in how I modify the about page. We have a lot of people visiting our site from elsewhere and we want this to provide an intro about who we are and why we have set up the forum.

Have managed to add in some paragraphs but I cannot style it.

Has anyone else been able to modify the text on the “about” page - even making some text bold and adding hyperlinks?


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