Customizing the "Embedding" Behavior by Disabling Show Full Post?

Hi everyone,
I use the Embedding functionality to have discourse topics appear as comments on a static, non-discourse page. The problem is this. When I post a new article, the corresponding topic on discourse gets created as well. This corresponding topic is a full scrape of the original article. Here is an example: Answers + Discussion: Dynamically Create and Populate List Items - programming - kirupaForum (If you click on Show Full Post, the full contents of the article get displayed.)

Is there a way to disable Show Full Post? I’d rather just have a simple link to the original article instead.


(Just wanted to bump this up in case anybody had any ideas!)

I’m running into weird formatting issues with the embed feature, so I’d like to bump this up on more time and see if there is a way to disable showing the full post. Is there an easy way to do that? Thanks!

I was wondering if you came across any solutions?