Dashboard Report - Bookmarks

This is an SQL version of the Dashboard Report for Bookmarks.

This dashboard report provides a daily count of bookmarks created within a specified date range.

-- [params]
-- date :start_date
-- date :end_date

WITH bookmark_counts AS (
    DATE(bookmarks.created_at) AS bookmark_date,
    COUNT(DISTINCT CASE WHEN bookmarkable_type = 'Topic' THEN bookmarks.id END) AS topic_bookmarks,
    COUNT(DISTINCT CASE WHEN bookmarkable_type = 'Post' THEN bookmarks.id END) AS post_bookmarks
  FROM bookmarks
  WHERE bookmarks.created_at::date BETWEEN :start_date AND :end_date
  GROUP BY bookmark_date
  topic_bookmarks + post_bookmarks AS total_bookmarks,
FROM bookmark_counts
ORDER BY bookmark_date

SQL Query Explanation


To generate the report, you need to provide two parameters: :start_date and :end_date . These parameters define the date range for which you want to analyze the bookmark activity. Both date parameters accept the date format of YYYY-MM-DD .

Bookmark_Counts (CTE)

A Common Table Expression (CTE) named bookmark_counts is used to organize the data before the final selection. The CTE performs the following actions:

  • Date Filtering: It filters the bookmarks by their creation date to include only those created within the provided start and end dates (:start_date and :end_date).
  • Date Grouping: It groups the results by the creation date of the bookmarks, ensuring that the counts are aggregated on a daily basis.
  • Counting Bookmarks: It counts the number of bookmarks for topics and posts separately, using DISTINCT to ensure that each bookmark is counted only once. This is done using conditional aggregation with CASE statements:
    • topic_bookmarks counts the bookmarks where bookmarkable_type is ‘Topic’.
    • post_bookmarks counts the bookmarks where bookmarkable_type is ‘Post’.

Main Query

After the CTE has organized the data, the final SELECT statement retrieves the following columns:

  1. bookmark_date: The date for which the counts are aggregated.
  2. total_bookmarks: The sum of topic and post bookmarks for each day.
  3. topic_bookmarks: The count of bookmarks for topics for each day. Ex:
  4. post_bookmarks: The count of bookmarks for posts for each day. Ex:

The results are then ordered by bookmark_date to present the data in chronological order.

Example Results

bookmark_date total_bookmarks topic_bookmarks post_bookmarks
2023-12-01 16 1 15
2023-12-02 4 1 3
2023-12-03 8 0 8
2023-12-04 19 9 10
2023-12-05 18 3 15