Dashboard Report - Moderator Warnings

This is an SQL version of the Dashboard Report for Moderator Warnings.

This report counts the number of user warnings sent by personal messages from moderators.

-- [params]
-- date :start_date = 2023-12-15
-- date :end_date = 2024-01-16

SELECT COUNT(*) AS number_of_warnings
FROM user_warnings uw
  WHERE uw.created_at >= :start_date
  AND uw.created_at <= :end_date

This query is useful for site administrators to track moderation activity, evaluate community conduct, and assess the effectiveness of implemented policies. By adjusting the date parameters, admins can analyze this data periodically or investigate specific intervals, aiding in decisions regarding resource allocation, moderation strategy adjustments, and maintaining historical records for the forum’s management and health assessment.


  • :start_date and :end_date - These parameters define the date range for the report. Both date parameters accept the date format of YYYY-MM-DD.

Example Results

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