Deactivate notifications for link and share badges

Hey everybody,

In the settings I already disabled notifications for likes. It seems that there is no such feature for share badges and link badges. I’m quite active in my community and sometimes I get a bunch of “Nice Share” badges, which aren’t very relevant to me (any more).

What are the chance that such a feature is introduced (disable notifications for certain badges)?

Best, Stefan

PS.: If this feature exists and I simply didn’t find it, please move this topic to #support. :slight_smile:


There is currently no setting for this.

It’s not commonly requested so AFAIK it’s not on our roadmap but I’ll leave this request open.

I would also like to request that we can turn off notifications for links, the same as we can for likes - as would at least one other member of the WaniKani community.
We have a number of people that post them all the time - because they’re helpful - to new forum users, and it takes over our notifications. ((EDIT: Exactly like the screenshot in this post.))

I find that actual replies get lost amidst the sea of link notifications… Or when activity is lower, I get excited that someone has said something to me - but then it’s just my link in an introduction post again.

Thank you for considering this feature - the sooner it can be implemented, the better.

EDIT 2: Here is a screenshot of mine. They’re a month old, because surprisingly, they’ve stopped recently… Maybe the frequent poster is on vacation… But previously, this is behaviour that happens all the time.

The mention at the bottom is the thread that gets linked, and has been linked at least 1000 times since I made it. (If it were linked on average 9 times a day x 365 days a year… that would be 3,285 times.)

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I suggest muting that particular user as an easier fix. That will turn off all notifications from them.

It’s more than one user (two or three that I’m 100% sure of), and I wouldn’t want to mute them, as they’re both fantastic people whom I regularly interact with in other threads.

Any other suggestions?

Would muting an entire section of the forum (introductions is a sub-category) stop these notifications? This might help cut out 80% (or more) of these notifications in my case. I don’t know about it in the case of the other user who was complaining.

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If a particular post is getting linked to, too much, perhaps delete that post so it can’t be linked to any more.

Alternately ask the site admins to change ownership of the problem post to the system user, or some other non-human user.


Well, I absolutely will not do that - it’s a hub of resources, has a bit of a FAQ, and is pretty much where all new people go to ask questions… :confused:

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Oooh! I like that idea. That may solve both of our problems.

Thanks, I’ll try that!