Disable notifications for links to post

I have a post on a Discourse forum that many users there are linking to. It’s a pinned post describing something that many members of the community there are interested in.

The problem I’m having is I get an email notification every time someone links to this post which I would like to disable but I can’t figure out how to do it. Does this option exist? If not, can one be added?

I’d be happy being able to either:

  1. Turn off email notifications any time a user links to any of my posts (while keeping things like notifications for mentions on).
  2. Turn off email notifications about links for only this specific post.

I’m not aware of any way someone could get an email notification for a link to a topic. That feature does not exist in Discourse to my knowledge.

If it’s a public community could you share a link to the topic in question?

Sure. It’s possible I have misunderstood what’s causing these notifications to be sent.

My post is How to stop using TLS-SNI-01 with Certbot - Client dev - Let's Encrypt Community Support.

For an example of the notifications I’m getting, here’s a screenshot of my notifications page:

The most recent notification shown there is one example. I received an email for that notification and the post that caused it can be found at Impending TLS-SNI-01 disable: How to determine current method? - Help - Let's Encrypt Community Support.

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There’s no way a link would notify you, however the @ symbol in the above list indicates a name mention which would notify you – because someone was talking directly to you by “calling your name”.

Yes. I did receive a notification email for the name mention.

I also, however, received a separate email for the most recent notification in the above screenshot whose icon looks like a link (and every other notification there whose icon looks like a link).

Those are to let you know that someone posted a link to one of your posts in another topic. eg.

blah blah [rando text](.../some-discourse-topic/1234/5) blah blah 

There is a chance that if you read the post containing the link, because of the link text, you might not recognize it as a link to one of your posts. The “link” notification ensures you know about it. I guess how important that knowledge is to someone depends.

Okay, so I’m going to bump this, because i’d like to turn off the link notifications as well. I don’t get email notifications for them (I have all those turned off except for PMs, as I’m online most of the day.)

However, anytime someone links to one of my posts (and it happens a lot, as I compose most of the informational, FAQs, and announcement topics) I get a notification for it.


I have not been mentioned in these posts.

Is it possible to suppress these notifications? I get a LOT of these (probably at least a dozen in a given day.)


I recommend changing ownership of the post to the system user.

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Same here. More specifically, I don’t want to turn them off globally but for specific posts that are frequently linked to.

Yes, this may work in certain cases where

  • it makes sense that the post is owned by system (e.g. some official information), and
  • I’m staff so that I have the power to change post ownership.

Obviously, the number of users who cannot turn off unwanted notifications in this way is relatively small and I can see that this is not going to move up the to-do list very fast, but I’m voting for this feature request.

BTW: could someone change the category to #feature


Yeah, in my case, we are very personal as a rule with our communications. I don’t want the system to be the owner of announcements or our written how-to, because the tone of our site is welcoming and friendly, connected to real people. I don’t mind being the owner of the post, I just don’t want to be notified when someone links to it. :wink: It’s not relevant.


I also would love to be able to turn off notifications for particular posts like this. I have a post linked regularly by users and am getting tons of notifications I don’t want or need as a result

I fixed the title here cause it is misleading.

There is a big notification refactor in the pipeline by @osama, once it lands it should make the situation far less painful cause various notifications are grouped, so this will not cause a situation where “important” stuff gets pushed out of the list of things to look at.

@codinghorror’s recommendation remains reasonable, just hand over ownership of the topic/post to someone else to completely eliminate it.

I am somewhat partial to “muted” topics never generating these notifications, to give people another escape hatch.