Mail problems, only with regards to resetting password for some users

We recently converted from vbulletin.

Some users do not get their password reset emails from Discourse, while some do just fine.

The people who do not get a password reset email, still get the digest email just fine.

Here is the mail error log for those who don’t get the password reset email

Anyone got a clue how to fix this? I’d imagine the actual email settings are correct since it works for some people?

Do you find something here: /admin/email/bounced?

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You’ll need to supply more of that error log. I don’t see anything helpful in the part that you included. Also, pasting text is much more helpful than pictures of text.

What email provider are you using? What do they say? Is there anything in the logs on their side?

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Seems the problem was too many mails being sent out in a day from our mail provider, their return data must have differed from what Discourse expected.

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