Getting the user’s reset password link?

I have a user who is not getting emails from the site (emails on the site work fine normally, just this use is not getting the password reset email).

Is there any way for the admin to explicitly set the password, or for the admin to get the reset password link for the user? I can email the user without any problems so it is presumably some spam filter system somewhere blocking the email, so I need an alternative to get the reset link to the user.

Basically the same issue as Reset user password by Admin, but I don’t really want to have to resort to running outdated rails code.


So this specific user is getting some site emails or none at all?

Are you self hosted?

If so, and this is user specific and affects all their emails, have you checked it’s not being suppressed by your mail service? Often, if the mail has ever bounced, even once, it can automatically be added to your suppressed list. From then on it will never be sent. This mechanism helps avoid the mail service getting a bad rep and harming its general delivery capability.

Check your mail service logs, the suppressed list and contact their support if necessary. You may be able to remove it from the suppressed list.

You may be able to set their password manually as a one-off using the rails console but this is not good practice of course (especially if they have no way of then resetting themselves again) and you should really address the underlying mail issue because so much relies on the email delivery in Discourse.

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I believe he gets the digest emails, but I’m not sure.

Yes, I run on a Digital Ocean server.

I don’t believe the email server blocks emails that bounce indefinitely.

Unfortunately, the underlying problem is that the user cannot receive the reset email - and sadly user’s mail systems are often out of their control.

That’s why I’d like an alternative in this case, given I can email them.