Dedicated Server with Plesk Onyx to Discourse + Wordpress

I’m researching a solution to run Discourse and Wordpress on the same server. I have a forum and a blog, both generate on average 2M page views / month. The blog will be in the url / blog.

Is Plesk Onyx a good solution to run the 2 on the same server with Ubuntu?

Our atual server is 2 x 2.4GHz Hexa-Core E5-2620 v3 Haswell Xeon 64GB RAM and with PHPBB and Wordpress, it reaches 100% of the processing capacity and sometimes we need to restart. Will a server like this be able to handle the demand?

Thanks in advance.

Probably not. I’m not familiar with Plesk, but usually things like that don’t work well with things they don’t expect, like Discourse running in a docker container. If it’ll let you reverse proxy to a random port, then maybe. If you were to ask me to do it, I’d do a standard Discourse install, move Discourse to some other port, install Apache and WordPress on a non-standard port, and have Nginx reverse proxy to both. (I’ve also done it without Apache, which is fine if you don’t need WordPress be able to change how your WordPress permalinks work.)

Probably so.


There’s also this: