Default image resizing in posts

When you upload an image in a post, you can change the percentage size for the image, manually or with the handy hover options of 100%, 75%, and 50%. I find myself resizing my image to 75% virtually all the time. I think it would be convenient if there was a user setting for default image resizing, so that all my images can be set to 75% automatically (still allowing me to change it case by case of course). I’m not sure if there’s precedent for this kind of user settings, but I figured I’d mention it.

For me I also take lots of screenshots on retina screens, so yeah 75% is my thing.

I worry though that this is just too much of an edge case to provide a user option.

I am even on the fence quite hard on having a “passive” user option that simply remembers the last size you picked and picks that by default cause is can be surprising.