"Default list filter" is ignored when using the navigation bar

The “without sub-categories” category list filter is ignored if the navigation bar is used to navigate between categories. When you first set up the filter, the category default url will be set to /none , but arriving to the same category by using the navigation bar sets the url to /all (it do not resets the setting, but it just ignores it).

Just to clarify terminology- why do you mean by navigation bar?

the nav pills filtered links:

or the navigation sidebar menu on the left side of the forum user interface?

I assume this is the category list filter you are referring to, in category settings:


I’m just trying to reproduce this…

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Sorry for not clarifying, this are the controls to navigate categories I’m referring to:

Captura de pantalla de 2024-03-03 09-06-40

Yes indeed :ok_hand:

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Are you referring to this settings?

i dont understand what this setting is about either