Links to Categories from sidebar inappropriately ignore configured category appearance settings

I’ve got some categories configured so that the Default List Filter no subcategories, and this works great for most links to the categories.

However, the #sidebar sends the user to /c/category-slug/catID/l/latest. This url forces a vanila ‘Latest’ view, which isn’t what I want.

It would make sense to me to instead send the user to /c/category-slug/catID so that Category Appearance configuration is respected.


@tgxworld do you know if this would be a simple change? Or is there some reason we use the current URL that would require a bit more work to untangle?

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Probably a simple change but I’ll have a poke at it first.


On looking at it in more depth, I see that the #sidebar is pretty clever.

  • If there are ‘unread’ displaying in the sidebar, it takes you to /l/unread
  • If there are ‘new’ displaying in the sidebar, it takes you to /l/new
  • If there is nothing displaying in the sidebar, it takes you to /l/latest

What is missing is the /none/ bit in my links when the Default List Filter is no subcategories.

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I have a PR to fix this


@nathankershaw The fix has been merged :slight_smile: Thank you for reporting this :+1:


Thanks Alan!

Does it still respect this stuff when one clicks the sidebar when it displays unread or new?

Yes because we no longer have contextual routing for the sidebar section links where the link may sometimes route to unread/new.

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How will this interact with things like the kanban board, where the default view can be changed by the theme component?

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