Why does a category list resolve as categoryNone?

I just came across this because I have a theme with panel styles that render slightly different depending on route. One of the categories on the client instance resolves as discovery.categoryNone. Would someone know why this happens?

Category link: Developers - Fission Talk
(Route name is logged to the console)

I think that’s the default list filter? https://talk.fission.codes/categories.json has it set to none in all of them. https://talk.fission.codes/c/apps/11/none has it too. But some others don’t.

This isn’t much of an answer. :person_shrugging:

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Ah ok! It’s the default list filter setting to not show topics from subcategories:


Didn’t come across that before and couldn’t make sense of what’s happening there. Thanks for the nudge @pfaffman!


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