"default other notification level when replying" is changed only in certain categories

First of all, sorry for my poor English.

I have set the “default other notification level when replying” to “Tracking”.
But I want to set “notification level when replying” to “Watching” only for certain categories of topics.

I have searched for plugins and other options, but have found only global or per-user settings. Is it possible to set it per category?

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No. The notion is that if someone replies to then they care about it, else why would they reply?

If you think that people want to reply and then never hear if people liked the reply or the conversation about their response then you would need a plugin.

I recommend that you wait until a bunch of people complain about the notificationsv(or unsubscribe from them) before you worry about this.

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It is correct to set the “default other notification level when replying” to “Watching” instead of “Tracking”.
If “Watching” is annoying, each user can set it to “Tracking” and run it that way for a while until there are complaints.
Is that what you mean?

That may indeed be a correct opinion, but my community is quite active, so in that case, I find the email notifications about simple topic updates to be quite annoying…" I tried to find a way to set up email notifications only for replies or mentions to me, like I did with “Tracking”, but I couldn’t find it.