Including new categories in sidebar?

Hi guys.

I’d presume this must be trivial - yet I must ask as a novice who failed to find info on this - when a new category show up in left-pane?
I did not expect it not to show up and I’m guessing it is some ‘setting’ I’m missing with which new categories will get to left-pane right away?
If yes so then I’d curious - what’s the rationale behind such “defaults”?


I assume that you are referring to the sidebar?

If you create a new category and it does not show up in the sidebar you have to click the :pencil2: icon and add them from there:


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Okey, from how it behaves I think it’s per-user config/setting?
I might have started vaguely enough - I’m looking for site-wide config/tweak, so an admin setting?

Ok, found it in: Admin → Settings → default sidebar categories

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