Default silenced new users

Is there a way to get all the new users created on discourse platform to be silenced by default?

Welcome to Meta @romulo :wave:

No, that’s not possible.

Can you share more details about the problem you’re trying to solve? There’s probably a better built-in way to fix it without silencing all new users on your site.


Thanks @Johani

We have a karma like system using our main product data, that initially, we will need to only setup a user as non-silenced if he meet all the criterias from our product side(since its sticked along with SSO we’re able to control via admin api silenced on each user login)

So the ideia is that all new users cant post or reply anything, just when they meet our initial criteria they will be unsilenced via our systems using admin api.

Does it makes sense?

Just set your category permissions so that those users don’t have permission to post. When they meet your criteria, move them to a group with permission to post.


@romulo, instead of deleting the post, can you write a few words about how you finished up?

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i didn’t finishup, im just trying to keep the posts focus on the subject.

so i had create another one for the silenced reason only: Silence user via Admin API can't setup reason string