Default staff category permissions (on install)? what are they, exactly?

i’ve searched the forums for this basic question and can not seem to find a pointed, concise answer. my apologies if this has come up before. the settings are locked and there is no visible summary in the interface (that would be a “nice to have” in the long, long punch list you folks have :wink:

i intend to use the default “staff” category for staff-level discussions. to clarify:

  1. will the group default to “only visible to staff, member, admin” (or also moderators? if so, that’s fine too)

  2. will postings within the category be visible in any way, including search results, to other members without the appropriate permissions (e.g. other trust levels)?


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It works as you describe. Things like this are much easier to tell if you have a working forum. See also Understanding groups and category permissions (security settings).


thank you! there is a working forum, and it clearly displays settings, and they are all easy to understand. the staff default, however, does not display any such information nor does it describe settings other than to state they’re immutable. i assumed that it’s locked from prying eyes, but pointed, concise text is also very helpful.

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