Suppress category but keep topic for OP


My forum has a category which is relevant to OP and staff only.

I’d like to suppress all posts by others in the category, but keep my posts visible on homepage.

Even better if we can not suppress for staff members, in addition to above.


I’m not clear on what you have on mind, but here’s my rough explanations.

There are Group level permissions that are central. Discourse does well at advancing members’ trust level group.

A member has preference settings, among others, for watching - tracking - normal - mute, for categories, topics and tags. In combination with notification and email settings members can adjust how a forum “gets” to them.

Categories have additive permission settings for Groups, i.e.

  1. Create - Reply - See
  2. Reply - See
  3. See

Note that some options are not available, but if you create a plugin (or maybe a pull request) I think at least a few others might use it.

The Staff group has extended privileges and Admins can do anything they want to do.

So, background done -

What you could do now without touching any code is:

  1. create eg. a “membername_group”
  2. add the member to the group
  3. create eg. a "membername_category
  4. give the category “everyone” group See permissions and
    “membername_group” See, Reply [Create] permissions

- or - you could use the message system. Moderators have extended privileges so there would be no need to worry about them Seeing as long as it’s started from Flag - Other

So you want posts on that category to ONLY be visible to the OP and the staff?

Have you considered using PMs rather than a category? This would give you the desired visibility.

Ah yes, the best yet. message as usual, then invite the Staff group.

I can’t recall, was there a limit on group member size invites?

Do you mean a limit on:

  • number of people in a group? or:
  • number of people/groups in a PM?

(I believe the answer is no for the first, and I don’t know offhand for the second)

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Default value is set to 100 for max users notified per group mention



Possible I guess, but I have trouble believing many have Staff groups with that many members. Seems like a fair default value to me.