Default value of user profile timezone picker is misleading


This lead me to think that I have incorrectly set the timezon to “Africa”, until I noticed the small text underneath. Why isn’t the picker set to the current value?


Where are you seeing this setting? I can’t find it in my preferences here on meta, so I’m unsure where this is from.

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I am seeing this at the bottom of my profile:

Hmm, could this be from a Calendar plugin?

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This is quite possible if the plugin is installed:

 all_day: "All day"
 timezone: "Timezone"
 no_timezone: "Select a timezone"

Events plugin is different from Calendar plugin though. :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry, I hurried. In the calendar it is similarly there. (if this plugin) :wink:

This should fix the issue, it will show “Select a timezone…” if no timezone is yet set.


Hmm, but maybe I am misunderstanding, but the issue was also when the timezone was set, the picker still displayed “Africa”, as per my first screenshot. Or is this included in the fix?

I don’t see an issue when the timezone is set. I just set mine to something other than the detected timezone (the one displayed in small print below the field), and on a refresh, the saved timezone correctly displays in the input field.