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Dear friends, i have teied to install your platform and it’s very easy and useful, but i am facing some issues, i can name my maincdomain but just subdomains. For example, meanwhile doesn’t work. Can someone tell me about this problem? Thank you

im use cloudflare dns

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That sounds like it’s working as designed. See the install docs:

Already own a domain name? Great. Select a subdomain such as or or for your Discourse instance.

I’m afraid what prevents this is ssl
since i have tested the installation many times

Then you’re going to need to explain, in a lot more detail, exactly what you’re doing, what you’re expecting to happen, what’s actually happening, and what makes you think SSL has anything to do with it. On my installation, I browse to domain.tld, it redirects to sub.domain.tld, and I’m good to go.

I have discourse installed on my main domain because the site is just a forum, nothing more so if your site is just a forum, i’d suggest installing it on your main domain and not a sub domain.

Do you mean you’ve hit the Let’s Encrypt limit?


Maybe that’s the reason,
is there any solution?

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If you have hit the Let’s Encrypt limit, I’d suggest going to the their forum and ask for help. They can check your domain and subdomains and see what certificates you may have created, as well as failures to create certificates. In some cases, people have created valid certificates but they’re not installed. They can better guide to as to what is going on and how to get things working. Here’s the link:


yeah Nice idea, thanks for your time !

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