Defer doesn't work on New?

I’m a big fan of the Defer feature and use it all the time to postpone something to read later. This works great when navigating through my Unread.

But when opening a topic listed on my New though, it also includes the Defer button… which is fine by itself — I may want to read that later. But using the button doesn’t seem to do anything. By this I mean that I’m redirected elsewhere, but that topic doesn’t go back to New (nor Unread). Bug or feature?

Would be nice if it would go back to New (or it would “Track & Defer”).

If not meant to be, then perhaps a not tracked/watched topic shouldn’t include the ‘Defer’ button if it doesn’t defer it in any way.


I’m not sure what the expected behaviour is when the Defer button is clicked from the New topics list. The tooltip for the button says “Mark as unread”, so it seems reasonable to expect the topic to be added to the Unread list. This does not happen though.


Hmmm, you are essentially asking:

If I am not tracking a topic and hit “Defer”, then defer should track it on my behalf.

I guess I can get behind it, you opted explicitly that you are “tracking” the topic in some way.

The simplest workaround you have now is just to track stuff once you read it instead of waiting 1 minute (like our default is)

I can see how, implementation wise, this may be the more obvious track and it’s certainly an improvement over what happens now (Defer just does a page redirect, afaik).

However, from the users perspective who clicked on a topic listed in the New (hence, not tracking/watching), the intuitive thought would be that Defer would defer it back to New. It may not be obvious that Defer will also change it to tracking. That decision (whether to track it or not) may be precisely what person is trying to defer for later. Not sure whether this is doable though — just a suggestion for consideration.

To be clear: a Track&Defer solution of sorts would also already be an improvement and I’m all for it.

If the thing only has one post it may make sense to blow away topic tracking state, but as soon as there are multiple posts it does not