Should deferring a topic with one post mark is as new?

I read a new topic and wanted to see it fresh tomorrow morning. I selected the defer option, expecting it to also mark the topic as new again since it only had the one post, but this did not happen. I suppose a topic reminder would be best for this, but I’m curious if people think it should also have marked the topic as new in this case.

This is @sam’s functionality so your question should be directed to him.

I does mark the topic as new… I just tested it, I sometimes defer 1 post topics

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Hmm I don’t see that happening. At the very least, it doesn’t reappear in

For example, after deferring the below topic it is clearly stylized as unread, but it doesn’t have the blue dot and it doesn’t appear in my new section. Maybe I worded my original comment poorly.

Try expanding your consider topics new timespan in user settings

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I changed it to a week and that didn’t help (if it’s retroactive). The topic was already within the two day timeframe (my previous setting) anyway. I’ll try with more topics later.

I just tried again with a 40 minute old topic and it still doesn’t do what I’d expect.

  • The blue dot does actually appear, but I didn’t notice it because it doesn’t happen right away. I have to refresh to get the blue dot to appear.
  • The deferred topic doesn’t get added back to This was the intent of my original question (though I obviously didn’t mention it explicitly). Should it get added back there? The inconsistency is a little weird, because right now I can scroll to see 5 topics with blue dots, but the New section only has 4 topics.
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My guess here is that something about topic user is not quite right, will have a look, but it will probably take a few weeks.

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