Defer keyboard shortcut

Hi there, thanks for shipping Defer functionality into Discourse core! I use this frequently.

I’ve skimmed through the pull request that added it as well as the keyboard shortcuts menu, and it doesn’t appear there is any way to trigger this from the keyboard. Is that correct? Can such a shortcut be added?


Yeah we totally should add one, not sure what it should be though, any suggestions … d is clearly taken.

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Maybe * since that symbol typically indicates there is something to look at later in writing? Maybe a stretch, but it isn’t currently in use!

What does gmail use? it has the same function

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Gmail uses Shift + U, which I like :slight_smile:


I support this, using what gmail uses gives people less stuff to learn, sadly we are going to have to wait 2 weeks here, we can not introduce new translations at the moment.

I am setting a reminder here to add the shortcut once our translation freeze is over.


I’ve created a PR for this:

Shift+U was already reserved for navigating to the first unread post, so I’ve changed it to Shift+L and made Shift+U for deferring topics.