Keyboard shortcut 'u' was broken in a recent release


Typing u on the keyboard used to bring to the Unread page. But recently (a matter of weeks) u stopped going there and instead started going back (including to external sites!). It’s not clear how the thing is mis-behaving, but it definitely breaks the workflow of u + j + o to fast-track movement across the board.

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It seems that more than the keyboard shortcut is affected: the count of unread topics does not seem to be correct: e.g., I visit a topic and I still have the notification that unread posts remain. So I go back there to read again what I just read a few minutes before. Then it’s set back to zero.

I’m running v1.7.0.beta5 +171 so I’m going to upgrade to v1.7.0.beta6 and see whether that is fixed.

u always goes back (in Discourse) to go to unread you have to use g + u