Define additional badge types

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Let me resurrect this thread, I need additional types/colours like Platinum, Diamond, ecc…
Groups are not enough for my purpose. Is there any chance?

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I agree this would be helpful for us.

We have a series of “levels” of seniority that is > 3. We had to use custom images (with numbers in our case) because the 3-color system wouldn’t work.

IIRC it would also help for sorting within badge groups.

Badges can be put into “other” and different FontAwesome icons can be used.
These will be in
<i class="fa fa-iconname">
which can then be colored and otherwise styled by CSS rules.

Or do you mean something else?

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I think this is about “priority” … IF we had a platinum badge AND you had 10 golds and 1 platinum, we would always show platinum on the user card.

I don’t know, adding more levels, from a code perspective is not a huge change, but I am just not convinced it’s quite needed, @alefattorini can you link me to some specific users, the badges they have, and why you think more levels are needed.

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I understood the “priority” affair :smile:
In my case I’m building more levels of badges and when you achieved all badges of a level then badge for the next level is assigned, For example “Getting Started Level” bronze type = “Achieved all Getting Started Level badges”
So, I need to have a “getting started or rock or whatever” under bronze type and other levels over the gold one with the goal of distinguishing priority and colours
Why such level? Because I need a meritocracy system more customizable and granular then TL, with more level and badges to achieve and provide people with new activities to do.
Also, I need to see how many members are on “bronze” level or “silver” level… etc…
Is it more clear now?

Can you spell out a particular use case here.

@sam I think this is about both priority and ordering on the badge page.

I won’t speak for @alefattorini’s use cases, but here’s a real one we’re dealing with as we work up a new program for our project’s developers. In our badge listing page under the “Developers” category, we have several stages our project’s devs will pass through. We’d like to structure them so that we have both “stage” badges and task badges in that group, but right now there’s no way to intermingle certain task badges between the various “stages” (the green ones) so it’s obvious what the progression is that one has to follow to get to the next “stage”.

In other words, first I earn “GitHub User” then “/dev/null”. Then I work on “Smart Developer” and another TBD badge, then I earn “/dev/1”, and so on. Because badges are sorted by level (bronze/silver/gold) then alphabetically, it’s not possible to carry this out over all our 6 stages.

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I am much more sympathetic to a system that allows you to control both grouping and ordering of badges …

EG. all the TL badges are same family, so only display one of them on card. Also have a priority on each badge (optionally) so if TL4 and TL3 are available and both are gold, pick TL4.


I’m bulding a badge system more customizable and granular then TL (see this) like this

  • getting started level
  • bad1
  • bad2
  • bronze level
  • Bronze level = Achieved all started level badges
  • bad2
  • bad3
  • silver level
  • Sliver level badge = Achieved all bronzelevel badges
  • bad2
  • bad3
  • gold level
  • Gold level badge = Achieved all silver level badges
  • bad1
  • bad2
  • diamond level
  • bad1
  • bad2

With the badges (achieved all) I can see how many members are in different levels, and how much my community is growing…
If someone is a gold member means he have achieved all gettingstarted/silver/gold badges
The problem is that concerning priority and colour, getting started is equal to bronze and gold equal to diamond…
Does it make sense now?

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Any insight on this? @sam @downey

Don’t need additional badge types, but being able to choose the colour of the badge type would be helpful.

Presumably choosing badge type “Gold” does a lot more than just make it yellow? So we’re unable to change the type (and therefore colour) of the system badges (Trust Levels)?

Can colour changes only be achieved through CSS for now?

You can choose any image you want for the badge, does that not work for you ?

Not at the moment. The scenario is we have the 4 trust level, but only 3 colours, so it might seem that 2 of them are “equal”

It doesn’t, because of this CSS bug:

That can easily be patched in your instance with one css rule you know …

Yes of course … but being in healthcare we like to try promote solving the underlying disease rather than only put bandages on things. :ambulance:


Its a very simple PR you know :slight_smile:


Yep @sam that’s why I mentioned CSS in my previous response.

My original (closed) topic was asking why we were unable to change the card type drop down on system cards?