Delete tag button unresponsive?

My search turns up at least a couple of topics about deleting - or not - tags. They’re old and seem to be solved.

Aand… it looks like this is a brittle feature? Because it seems to be broken again, at least on my site:

(Can others see the video? Alas it’s just a black box for me. My company’s “safe” browser strikes again, I fear.)

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Can you check if there are any details in the browser console when you click on the button?

Looks like the modal doesn’t open.

Yes, there is no issue. Do you see a black box without a play button?

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Hmm… it was just a black box in the post preview window, but now I do get a play button (that works!) :sweat_smile:

And yes, good call. There’s a JS error:

tag-info.js:146 Uncaught TypeError: this.get is not a function
    at Object.deleteTag (tag-info.js:146:14)
    at $._run (index.ts:665:23)
    at $._join (index.ts:640:19)
    at $.join (index.ts:362:17)
    at p (index.js:156:1)
    at index.js:707:1
    at e.flaggedInstrument (index.js:126:1)
    at index.js:706:1
    at index.js:665:1
    at d._triggerAction (d-button.js:117:25)
    at (d-button.js:87:21)
deleteTag @ tag-info.js:146
$._run @ index.ts:665
$._join @ index.ts:640
$.join @ index.ts:362
p @ index.js:156
(anonymous) @ index.js:707
e.flaggedInstrument @ index.js:126
(anonymous) @ index.js:706
(anonymous) @ index.js:665
_triggerAction @ d-button.js:117
click @ d-button.js:87
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Side-effets of

And fixed here

You should upgrade Discourse to fix this issue! :slight_smile:


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