Trying to access /tags gives an error due to keyword conflict

When I try to access I get an error:


However, tags are enabled and working, and I can access individual tags like without problems.

Does anyone know what’s going on here? Have I disabled the tags page by mistake somehow?


Are there any addons or plugins worth you?

On the tags page (in the browser) you have a lot of errors.

TypeError: o.setProperties is not a function...

Error while processing route: tags.index o.setProperties is not a function TypeError: o.setProperties is not a function

The situation persists with safe-mode.

I updated my instance a minute ago and there are no errors. Perhaps some extensions (plugins) are interfering?

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We’re using the open source community version, so we’re pretty limited in terms of plugins.
Here’s what the plugins page looks like:

I’ve installed some themes and a couple of components too:


However, I tried disabling the components and updating the themes but it doesn’t change anything.

Hey @looeee

Sorry to read you are having this issue.

I visited your site and took a quick look for you and found a lot of javascript errors in the console; but I could not trace the console error to a specific main line in the Ember / JS code.

To confirm it was related to javascript, which is easy enough to do, I looked at your site (the tags page) with the user agent set to GoogleBot, and could access the page:

Here is a “long shot”, “just to see” kinda thing, but it might lead you to some clues.

Consider temporarily “disabling tags” in your admin panel settings:

Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 5.28.30 PM

Then navigate to your tags page like before and refresh. You should get the standard Discourse 404 error:

  • Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

If you do not see the ’ Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private’ message after you disable thread tags, that will be an interesting surprise; but I guess you will.

Then, go back into your admin settings and re-enable your thread tags, and refresh the tags page again.

I am guessing you will still see the “Something went wrong” message, but it is easy enough to disable and re-enable, and see if anything new or interesting appears which might be a clue.


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Hello @looeee,

You are running into a rare issue due to one of your tags constructor and some JS code.

I will get a fix Monday, in the mean time if it’s urgent to you, you can rename the constructor tag to something else, or delete it. /tags/constructor should be accessible.

For a longer and more nerdy story, at some place in code we do something like:

const obj = {};

And instead of returning undefined, it actually returns the constructor method of the object Object.prototype.constructor - JavaScript | MDN which is obviously something our code wasn’t expecting :sweat_smile:


Doh! Haha, can’t say I haven’t done similar things before. Thanks for digging into this for me.

It looks like “constructor” was a mispelling in any case - it was supposed to be “construction”. It was only on one post so I have removed it and sure enough the /tags page is working again.

Thanks for the speedy help, much appreciated :slight_smile:

EDIT: now that I can access the tags again, I want to tidy them up and consolidate them. However, I’m reminded why I never do this. As soon as I edit the tags on a post, even one that’s several years old, it gets bumped back to the top of the list. If I batch edit lots of tags at once, which I want to do every few months, this completely disrupts all active discussions as they get buried under the re-tagged posts.

Is there any way that I, as site admin, can edit tags or otherwise edit a post affecting it’s place in the list?