Delete topic doesn't work

I click the wrench icon and choose ‘Delete Topic’.

The invite button is grayed out, but the topic is not removed. I go back to the main page and I can still see it. I hard refresh the page and the topic is still there.

I checked the console, and there are no errors. I am also the admin of the site and the one who wrote the question. I assume if there was a permission issue, I would have seen a notification or the delete button shouldn’t be there in the first place.

Am I missing something?

After a few minutes I refreshed and the topic deleted. Is it cached?

Did you get any errors in the JavaScript console of your browser when you first deleted the topic?

This is a UI issue – I get the same thing when deleting topics here on meta. The UI doesn’t display the delete, e.g. make the background of the first post the light red deleted color, etc. But it’s there.

I don’t think we’ve bothered to improve it since it’s a cosmetic issue only.

I can also reproduce this; it’s quite irritating if you don’t know this behavior already.

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No errors in the console

“cosmetic issue” , it’s UI feedback Jeff, it’s very important, for me it was very annoying not understanding not getting a feedback on a UI command.

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The same is occurring in my community.

Sure @eviltrout can you have a look, this has been around a long time, and we should fix the UI here.


Confirmed issue here, I think I know how to fix it …

Fixed per:


Thanks fo fixing this!


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