Deleting Uncategorized Categories


I’ve tried solutions in older threads with no success. Is there a way to actually delete an uncategorized category? I know about going to the admin panel and disabling uncategorized post but this simply hides the category. Is there a way to fully delete it? I don’t even know how it was created.

Thank you!

It isn’t an actual category, it is a state of having no category applied to a topic. So “deleting it” makes no sense. It is like you are asking us to delete the number zero because it has no value.


So, I inherited this forum which might be part of the confusion on my end. Are you saying that this category IS the uncategorized category where uncategorized topics go by default and it’s just been renamed to something else?

Without seeing your forum, we can’t tell – but a dead giveaway is the category name being absent in Latest:

There is only a single category that is invisible like that, and that’s the (possibly renamed) Uncategorized “category” :slight_smile:


Ok, yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s what it is. I thought any category could be uncategorized (which I thought was weird grammatically) but knowing that it IS the uncategorized category makes more sense! Thanks!

I think, Deleting it is not a good thing.
It’s better to prevent it from displaying it

This is a fairly common confusion. Often someone will rename and or try to repurpose uncategorized.

I think uncategorized should be either off by default (to increase the likelihood that whoever turns it on will know what it means) or have deciding about whether to use it be part of the wizard (which it may well be already).


I think part of that is because it is referred to as an “uncategorized category” when it is more like "topics not assigned to a category " or “catch-all category”.

I had hoped that the “do not repurpose” would make it obvious that messing with it could lead to problems, but it seems it’s still very much a you don’t understand until you understand thing.

If the text warning isn’t enough maybe code can take away the ability to break it?


So, to rudely bump this: now that there is an actual setting in Discourse to not even make it possible to post uncategorized topics, maybe it should then be possible to delete, or at least hide, this relic? I wonder why it isn’t even possible to move it, maybe as a sub category of some other. I know the dividing by zero analogy, but now it just sits there, an eyesore, an empty category called uncategorized… it ain’t pretty :smiley:

I believe the site setting hides the Uncategorized category. On my Discourse site I have this turned off and see no Uncategorized category there.

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ha, you are of course right. It took a hard refresh or maybe some minutes of processing, for it to disappear… whew… adios uncategorized non category category :slight_smile:

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