Bugged "Uncategorized" Category?


I seem to be having an issue with a category that I created a while ago and thought I deleted. I am admin on the forum and have even tried safe mode, but the category doesn’t appear on the main page. However, when I go to reorder the categories I can see the forum, but this seems to be the only place it’s visible.

Does anybody have any ideas on how to go about deleting this entirely?


Are there any topics in the category? You’ll need to move them elsewhere.

No, I noticed that it was being used as the draft category in the ACP though. Would this be the cause of it showing only on the reorder menu? If so, is there a way I can delete it and just not use anything for a draft category?

Did you rename the uncategorized category? It can’t be deleted.

If it is that category you can just uncheck the box to allow uncategorised posts to hide it.

I’m unable to see it to make any changed to it aside from moving it around.

I did this already and this is the only category that stayed.

Can you still browse to the category by URL?

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I can, but it’s uncategoried. How would I make it so I can delete it?

You cannot delete it.

You can make sure that all topics are moved out of it and then turn off allow uncategorized topics.

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There are no topics in it currently, and that is already turned off.

Can you share your URL? is your site up to date?

I just checked and turning off allow uncat... made uncategorized go away from the home and the categories page. I did have to do a hard reload to make it go away, though.

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At the moment I can’t share it, but it is up to date.

It’s not showing on the home or categories page, but it still exists if I go to the url or reorder categories. I’m just wondering if there is a way to completely erase it.

There is still not a way to delete it.


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