Plugin Mishap - Uncategorized vs Uncategorized<hash>

Uncategorized topics problem

The uncategorized topics (~3000) of my existing Discourse app were so disgruntled after a long struggle during a build process that out digested a derivative of itself some time ago in the wake of a dead plugin. Most are “else” or defaulted remnants from a migration to Discourse in 2014.


I would like to drop both and reset the Uncategorized category existence to ensure its integrity before unchecking allow_uncategorized_topics in the admin interface and simply ignoring it. Basically my at-large questions are:

  • Can I delete both? Moreover, should I?
  • Can I reset it through the system and if not could I concoct a mock reset?
  • Do I need to be aware of what the Discourse application is expecting out of the uncategorized category (i.e. a top-5 to match backend processes, first posts, etc.)

If I could reuse existing code in the application at the rails console to ensure before or after functionality in ActiveRecord wasn’t lost in the mix that would be ideal. The topics will live on in a designated lost category from now on.