Deleting user - notification if they re-join

We have a user who has asked that their account be deleted including specifically requesting that all their posts be deleted. We don’t want to anonymize since the posts would still be there even though no longer attributed to them. We realize that there will be holes in conversations, but we’re okay with that.

However, we would like to be notified if the user were to later re-join with the same email even if they use a different username. (We realize there’s no way to know if the same person rejoins with a different email.)

Is there any way to be notified if a previously deleted user rejoins?

I think that you could create a bad_user user and add the old email address to it. Then if someone tried to sign in with that email address it would be an already existing user.

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There’s no built-in way to do that in Discourse but you could use the users webhooks and check the email used?

But that would prevent them from re-joining, right? We don’t want to prevent them, we just want to know if it happens.

Sorry, I don’t know about webhooks. Is that something we can set up? Can you explain further?

Have a look at this topic

You will need to build “the thing” that will receive the webhook payload and process it though.


@mtan Is this something we might be able to do quickly?

Hey Rick thanks for bringing this up. Let me find time later this week to dig deeper. We don’t have anyone in house who can change this quickly or access the user database to manually delete

If you have a budget you can post in #marketplace.