Depending how you opened the composer, may not close with no content

Kinda a #bug, but the composer can be closed other ways so putting this in #ux

Repro steps:

  1. Open the composer, via :heavy_plus_sign: New Topic or via c on the keyboard.
  2. Don’t type anything or select a category.
  3. Move the cursor to the body, either by tabbing 3 times, or clicking on the body.
  4. Hit Esc.

Expected Results:

Composer closes as there’s no content in title or body.

Actual Results:

Composer minimizes.


This is VERY VERY specific to this exact trigger. Pressing “reply” to bring up the composer does not exhibit this behavior.

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It also requires you to use Esc when closing it. Using the down chevron in the top right also does not cause the issue. So VERY VERY VERY specific.

It just happens to be how I use the composer, so I noticed it. Only started occurring after If title has been added, composer should only be minimised, not terminated as far as I can tell after.