DEPRECATED: Knowledge Base Theme Component

This has been fixed in this commit:

@TowerBR did you end up figuring out what was wrong by chance? If not, send me a PM and maybe we can take a look.


This was a component naming conflict which I’ve resolved.

I wasn’t able to reproduce this with the steps. Try updating and let me know if you still have this behavior.

This is expected for now as in the theme version we’re just appending the KB UI to the existing topic list.

I think this is a fair suggestion and I’ve removed both the link and the hash.

This is eventually going to be in the advanced version that’s a plugin.

The popular tags hid properly for me when I added an exception.

I’m not quite following exactly what the issue is here. Does the kb category have subcategories, but no actual topics in the kb parent category?

If that’s the case, that’s semi-out of the scope of the theme component - we really just wanted to make a particular category filterable. Same with the subcategory filter. Some of these items will be possible in the advanced release.


Unfortunately no, the behavior persists. The KB button seems to do nothing. I’ll send you a PM.

With a little help from @justin, now everything is working.

I had not enabled tagging_enabled and show_filter_by_tag on the instance I use to test.



Cool! Lots of great stuff here. Thanks for your hard work on getting this theme component working so well. You mention an advanced version that is a plugin - Is there a roadmap somewhere for all this so I can set my expectations and give feedback? We also have Knowledge Base Plugin by @angus which has some overlapping functionality and it will be good to know which horse I should be betting on. I like aspects of both.

I will do some testing and get back to you.

No unfortunately not. But I can tell you the plugin I’m working on is in a much different vein – think the theme component on steroids. I think both the plugin and @angus’ knowledge base plugin will have helpful use cases.


I’ve made a neat change – the kb categories setting now autopopulates with categories. This was available in our theme API the whole time, but I didn’t know about it! @tshenry cued me in.

One caveat – if you’ve set this up already, you’ll need to add your categories again once you update.


Nice! That works well… you will get fewer support requests now. :slight_smile:

A niggle, but I noticed the kb categories setting searches for names of categories, but not the short name (slug).

Ah yes - you won’t have to worry about the slug. The theme component handles that now. I may have forgotten to change some text though…

Edit: yeah I did. Committed a change to fix that.


I’m enjoying this theme component alot! Thanks again for creating it. I am really looking forward to the plugin because this is such a valuable bit of functionality that will get my team using discourse more. I can’t be positive, but I think as long as wiki topics look like forum posts people are intimidated and less likely to edit to improve it as a shared resource.

A few things I am grappling with:

  1. tags menu shows up on one of my sites, but not on another. Have been unable to pinpoint the conflict. Likely an unofficial plugin. Any suggestions where to look?
  2. there is no + NEW TOPIC button at the top of kb category view as there is for Latest. It would be helpful to have one to add a new wiki topic in the category. Right now you have to click across to Latest to start a topic in the category.
  3. not a big problem but feels buggy - replicable on both of my sites and at theme creator:
    • go to kb view
    • select tag to filter by it
    • switch to TOP on top menu
    • switch back to KB on top menu
    • tag filter is still in place
  4. on the same site where tags menu doesn’t show up, I have another weird problem I can’t replicate on my other site or on theme creator. When I go to a kb category via the categories pulldown, I am taken to Latest even though it should be defaulting to kb. Selecting kb on the menu has no effect… but when I hard refresh in the web browser I am taken to kb.

Thanks, Justin. That’s a super useful component - it makes KB categories much more organized.
I added it to a fresh installation yesterday, but have two issues:

  1. Tags don’t show in the sidebar
  2. When I select the category KB view doesn’t show by default (although I’ve checked Selected categories automatically show KB view by default)

I disabled all other components and have both tagging_enabled and show_filter_by_tag enabled, but still have those issues.

Are you seeing any errors in the browser console? And also did you refresh after enabling those two settings?


Do you mean refresh the page - sure I did?

I don’t see any errors, just these alerts:

Is this on a public forum? I have some suspicions but it would be best if there was a way to have a look.

EDIT: For sure number 2 is caused by our recent category routing changes. I’m working on a fix but there are complexities I need to navigate around yet.

Number 1 I can’t get to reproduce. More than likely it’s because you’re seeing topics from subcategories in the list. Since those topics aren’t in the category you have selected, the tags will not show in the sidebar.

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Yes, but it’s for testing and has just dummy content. I’ve send you the link in a private message, if you’re able to take a look.

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Ok, regarding tags, I think it’s because I have grouped them in tag-groups and they have a parent-child relationships. Seems when a tag is a part of a group it doesn’t show on the sidebar.
If I create a new tag from in a topic and it’s not a part of a tag group it shows up.

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I can’t get the category and tags to respond to clicks. I can select the KB view, see the cats and tags, but if I click – nothing. Here’s my plugins:

Any known conflicts?

This theme component broke with some changes we made to category routing to allow for 3 levels of categories. If you’re running on 2.4 or later, this theme component is broken I’m afraid. I’ve moved it to #theme:broken-theme for now.

The fix is quite complicated and not urgent since we now have the Knowledge Explorer Plugin available.


We have decided to fully deprecate this component in favour of the discourse-docs plugin. If anyone has it installed on an existing site, the component will be auto-disabled once you upgrade to Discourse 2.7.0.beta1 or above (to prevent the site being broken by incompatibilities).

You can see a demo of the discourse-docs plugin right here on Meta. More info can be found at: