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Yes, but it’s for testing and has just dummy content. I’ve send you the link in a private message, if you’re able to take a look.

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Ok, regarding tags, I think it’s because I have grouped them in tag-groups and they have a parent-child relationships. Seems when a tag is a part of a group it doesn’t show on the sidebar.
If I create a new tag from in a topic and it’s not a part of a tag group it shows up.

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I can’t get the category and tags to respond to clicks. I can select the KB view, see the cats and tags, but if I click – nothing. Here’s my plugins:

Any known conflicts?

This theme component broke with some changes we made to category routing to allow for 3 levels of categories. If you’re running on 2.4 or later, this theme component is broken I’m afraid. I’ve moved it to #theme:broken-theme for now.

The fix is quite complicated and not urgent since we now have the Knowledge Explorer Plugin available.


We have decided to fully deprecate this component in favour of the discourse-docs plugin. If anyone has it installed on an existing site, the component will be auto-disabled once you upgrade to Discourse 2.7.0.beta1 or above (to prevent the site being broken by incompatibilities).

You can see a demo of the discourse-docs plugin right here on Meta. More info can be found at: