Detailed 404 not working anymore

After the new update 3.2.0.beta4-dev (24532653e6 )

This option not working any longer.

detailed 404

Provides more details to users about why they can’t access a particular topic. Note: This is less secure because users will know if a URL links to a valid topic.


What happens? just a standard 404?

Earlier when it was enabled private groups, catagory, shows message that you need to join the group in order to see it and there was join button also, but now even when this option is enabled it only shows this page doesn’t exist or is private. :confused:

Thank you for your patience. I’m not able to reproduce your issues in the latest version of Discourse.

The detailed 404 correctly show the “you need to request membership to the ‘XXX’ group to see this topic” when a topic is in a restricted category with open membership. If the category doesn’t allow people to ask to join the group, it correctly doesn’t show that message.

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