Details block and polls block are conflicting

Over at Stonehearth we’ve got a user with a fairly extensive topic. He’s been updating it for 8 months now. The topic was started before the commonmark update, and has been updated since. He’s running into an issue because he put a [/details] block on the same line as a [/poll]. The details block no longer works (as it expects to be on it’s own line), and attempts to move it to it’s own line results in

You cannot add, remove or rename polls after the first 5 minutes.

Relevant section of topic:

[details=New job idea: Painter]
**Painter has become reality!**
I am thinking about making a job called painter. I would have the weaver make canvas, carpenter make a frame and let the herbalist make paint. With all that together the painter would make paintings.
Thank you all for voting and if you havent and still want to go ahead. But i can announce that i am working on the painter so stay tuned for updates!

[poll public=true]
* I want the painter!
* Its a nice idea but i am not gonna use it.
* Bad idea
[/poll] [/details]
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The “fix” here is to correct the markdown, but you can not since the poll can not be edited.

So you have to change the edit window for polls, but you can not cause max is set to a very small number by default.

I corrected the default:

Once deployed, amend the edit window on polls and fix the markdown. Then flick back.

cc @techAPJ


Much appreciated @sam, will fix the topic once the next update is deployed.

Thanks Sam, I was able to up the limit and remove the poll.