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We would like to be able to create “register” topics that have select fields, and are non-editable after posting. This is intended to be used for the “accountability” 2nd register for the finance committee of the site I’ve been working on. There are other accountability tasks that this might do well in, and we would prefer it automated to having to have admins/mods close the topic and posts to prevent editing. A separate button for Create Register like for events, or elections plugin would be the best option. There are multiple ways I can see this being executed but the biggest issue is we would like it to be automatically non-editable on register posts, have define able fields if possible so it can be used for non financial accountability tasks as well, and be relatively straight forward to use.

I also would like the plugin to be available to the discourse community as a whole, as we all can do a better job at maintaining and improving the plugin after the scope of plugin creation.

We would like this as soon as possible but have no time-frame for when it HAS to be ready. We would prefer to keep it relatively cheap as the finance committee isn’t fully functional for them yet and most expenses are being paid directly by a member and will have to be accounted when the processes are setup. I am willing to compromise on features, speed, price, and ease of development.

I’ve done similar project recently. Please contact me at with detailed scope. I also will take this as a chance to contribute to the community.


Currently talking to @mbcahyono about scope. For transparency and to assist others in assessing if this is a good job for you, the further details are included below

All these features are optional or negotiable, this is an ideal description.
You would enable by enabling register topics in the category settings. An additional button by New Topic would appear marked New Register. You would add a title, as well as select a group, or users who will be allowed to add to this register. Then they would be able to add a list of custom fields, normally text/numbers, but may have other needs (see below on verification), and would be useful to be able to mark if it was a required field of not. On creation, system would create a formatted table with these headings and have an option for those authorized to add to register. This system register post should be as edit protected as possible. Users can add to the register by clicking Add To Register on system post. They would be prompted to fill out all fields and their input would be added to the table. Possibly with a confirmation stating that their addition cannot be changed once submitted.

On verification: I consider this useful but may add to complexity of project excessively, they would like for someone who was not the person who added the entry to verify it. This is complex and could be approached several different ways. I would think ideally you would add a verify field and it would have verify buttons instead of content in that column if you were authorized to verify. You would get a short confirmation message with warning of it being permanent. It would then record who verified and when they did.

Example Fields:
Reference Number | Posted by @ Date Time | Credit | Debit | Balance | Verified by @ Date Time

Thanks for any input, help, or people willing to take on the job!

Hi, Lee! Thanks for spelling out more detail here. It makes a lot easier to gauge whether or not to get involved.

It sounds like you’re already in conversations with @mbcahyono, but if you want another quote, feel free to reach out.

And just to clarify, what you need is a button that pops up a form with the fields mentioned above. Once filled out, it creates a new record in the table (on its own static page) that needs to be verified by staff, but not editable by anyone.

What happens if they fat-finger a number or the record is rejected by staff? Does staff need a way to delete records and if so, does that trigger an email to the user who submitted it?

We don’t want to have the ability to edit the contents at all after entered, or as little as possible. If there is misentry it has to be corrected and the “register” has to be recalculated, or redone. They want to use this as the second register and public record for their finance committee and having it write only keep there from being as many issues with perceptions that the records could be “cooked”
If it was edited (by direct admin or staff action) it would be great to have it send a message.
I am making a mockup/illustration as well. I will post that here as well.
@joebuhlig This could be anything from just a set system that uses the categories listed, to a register that can be configured with fields whenever someone makes a new register. It is intended mostly for public records/accountability with finance but can be used for other task accountability stuff too if it worked like I imagined above.

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I haven’t gotten a all the mock up work done as this is painstaking work for me, I am not skilled at image manipulation but hopefully this helps clarify. I have to go to the other job now. Will get a third mockup asap or if needed.

@mbcahyono Here is my update. You’re the only one who has stuck with it as I take my time and as been clear in their scope of work before attempting to start a job with no estimates.
The Custom Wizard Plugin allows me to do almost everything I need, with the only step I need being the output of the Custom Wizard Result page being outputted to a specific topic.
I can use the Custom Wizard Plugin to create forms with multiple types of input and store the results in one location. Normally the plugin either stores it for admin menu access or posts it to a topic for like “new user profile” and we want it to merely display the table of information from a custom wizard input that I will provide to users via link.
If you really need more mockups, I can try but it’s going to take forever, and I don’t have the budget to hire both a graphics guy and a coder! Thanks for all the input

@usulrasolas My apologies for the confusion. I will respond to your email shortly.

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No confusion on your end, I’ve been working and thinking on how to approach the issue and what exists that’s functions overlap or are similar.

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