Difference between backup, and backup all files?

I see two option in backup which is the first one include files and the second one doesn’t

So my question is if i gonna move another server which backup should i use?

and does the app.yml, plugins, theme, etc already included in it?


  • you have to save container/app.yml by hand.
  • include files option also backups the uploaded files, not only posts. If you don’t “include files” and you didnt save them elsewhere (eg. amazon s3 discourse option), you won’t have “all of the data back”.

Note: this is only my understanding.

“does not include files” means that uploads wouldn’t be included in the backup. If you’re moving servers, you’ll want to select the option that include files.


Hmm yeah the copy here isn’t great @jomaxro maybe we should improve it. Has to be short because it is on a button. Maybe

Backup with Uploads

Files is kind of a generic word, I guess.


Current copy is below. Am I correct that I’m simply replacing the word “files” in the second button with “uploads”? I can’t find reference in our translation files to a button that says “Backup with Files”.

Yes, you are :slight_smile:

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This is done:


Sure that seems good, change “files” with “uploads” as I do think that is clearer.

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