Downloaded backup file containes what?

I have a question about the manually downloaded backup file.

does the backup file contains the below?

  • media files (site uploads)
  • user names, emails and other personal details
  • passwords
  • topics and posts
  • themes
  • Avatars

Thanks in advance.


It contains a full database backup. So, yes it includes all the information you mentioned.

It also includes all uploaded files if those files are stored locally (not on S3). For manual backups you can choose if you want to include uploads or not. Automatic backups can be configured with the backup with uploads site setting.

The include thumbnails in backups site setting allows you to configure if you want to include thumbnails in backups (larger backup size) or regenerate them during restore (slower backup restore).


Sound well, thanks a lot.


Note that it doesn’t contain plugins, mail server settings or anything else which is configured outside of docker.

Periodic manual backups of your app.yml are advisable.


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