Group categories page override

This theme component allows you to choose a custom /categories page layout for specific groups.

:spiral_notepad: A few things to note!

  • Everyone belongs to trust_level_0, so if you’re trying to target later trust levels (trust_level_1 for example) you’ll want to add trust_level_0 to group_exclude.

  • If someone belongs to multiple groups with matching settings, the later setting will take priority.

    So for example if item 1 is staff and I later set item 2 to trust_level_0 and I belong to both groups, I will see the categories page set for trust_level_0

  • This component does not work with the categories page styles: categories with featured topics and subcategories with featured topics, so they’re not included in the options. Those pages would require a plugin to get the correct data serialized.

Install this theme component

:bowing_man: Special thanks to @tshenry for creating Categories Layout Override and @jose.daniel.lardizab for asking about it in Different category page style for a specific group.