Different CSS id/class for tables in theme vs posts

TLDR: Give us a CSS hook (id or class) for the main theme’s tables, which are used for displaying categories, and a different one for tables in posts.

I had a user ask that I change our CSS to put “spreadsheet”-type lines in tables for his posts (he’s running a play-by-post RPG game). Easy enough, but when I did it, it added them to the main page list of categories as well, which looked awful. Adding a different CSS id or class to each of those two types of tables would let us have a different style for each.

I managed a fix that accomplishes it but it’s annoying, as the user has to put <div data-theme-table="lines"> before each instance of his table html code and </div> after it to trigger the alternate CSS I implemented with lines. Also, this only works for html, not markdown.