Difficult to find logout button in new user menu

I like it, but I am getting complaints from users that they cannot find the the logout button.

Could this be moved up to the top-level user menu?

Alternatively, is there a good plugin that makes the logout button more visible and works with the new layout? This solution no longer works.


One option we’re exploring here is to create a separate menu for notifications, (e.g. under a bell icon rather than the avatar). It’s not at the top of our list yet, but we’ll keep this in mind when we get there as well, in case it doesn’t work out and we want to address this in some other way.


I’m not sure how the notifications are related to the logout button.

Do you mean that at the moment there are several different user actions and notifications accessed through the user avatar / icon, and in future the notifications might be split out from actions at the menu level? That would seem to make sense, but I’m not a UI/UX person, so I’ll happily provide feedback on whatever you come up with.

Thanks for an awesome piece of software and the effort you all put in!

Maybe something like the following could be useful: adding the logout icon in accent color to the menu, next to the dismiss button – and keep the original one where it is.