Difficult to find logout button in new user menu

I like it, but I am getting complaints from users that they cannot find the the logout button.

Could this be moved up to the top-level user menu?

Alternatively, is there a good plugin that makes the logout button more visible and works with the new layout? This solution no longer works.


One option we’re exploring here is to create a separate menu for notifications, (e.g. under a bell icon rather than the avatar). It’s not at the top of our list yet, but we’ll keep this in mind when we get there as well, in case it doesn’t work out and we want to address this in some other way.


I’m not sure how the notifications are related to the logout button.

Do you mean that at the moment there are several different user actions and notifications accessed through the user avatar / icon, and in future the notifications might be split out from actions at the menu level? That would seem to make sense, but I’m not a UI/UX person, so I’ll happily provide feedback on whatever you come up with.

Thanks for an awesome piece of software and the effort you all put in!

Maybe something like the following could be useful: adding the logout icon in accent color to the menu, next to the dismiss button – and keep the original one where it is.


I like this. How easy would it be to implement as a stop-gap through custom css?

Adding a dedicated button, following the existing one for user profile, to the .panel .menu-tabs-container > .bottom_tabs with the following CSS should be enough:

#user-menu-bottom-logout {
  position: absolute;
  bottom: 0.5rem;
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That would be really useful - reckon you could do that as a theme-component?

If you supply the code I’m happy to package it up.

I never understand this one.

Do you have a bunch of users who use public access computers? Or use some computer in the family room? If not why log out? Ever? If you need to log out to log back in as someone else, you can learn to type ZZ.

If there is a public access scenario I would have thought incognito safer than risking leaving partial sign-ins lingering. Not all SSO is single sign-out after all.

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Yup. Hospitals are full of these. But we are moving inexorably towards personal virtual desktops so that is becoming less of an issue.

The other use-case (which is quite weak) is so that folk can easily log out and see what a site looks like for anons. Of course, they could just use an incognito mode for that but that is beyond many users without specific coaching.

True, but most folk haven’t worked that out. Also, we are only just now getting Chromium based browser access inside health institutions. Frightening, eh?

That is super useful! I really should take a few minutes and study those keyboard shortcuts more closely!!

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Oh. Hospitals. Right.

Maybe a global banner that advertises the shortcut is worth a try.

And when you do make the logout in a more obvious place, maybe try to squeeze in a way to communicate the shortcut. If you actually need to log out, it’s super easy.

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Looks like the latest version of discourse has a dedicated “profile” section to the user menu, and the logout button is now in there.

Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 14.31.23

It’s really not easy to find, but given that each of us has probably different requirements for what functionality is most important, I can understand the developers’ thoughts in grouping these actions like this.

And, @hellekin - thanks for the code, I just needed to update it to address the logout class instead. And, the only thing I could think of was to make it bright red…

li.logout button .item-label {
  color: red;

li.logout button .d-icon-sign-out-alt {
  color: red;

I put together a little component that does this:

Screenshot 2023-01-23 at 1.48.07 PM