Logout link / URL?

I have a integration for Discourse which updates the user profile upon each login. I’ve now run into a problem where I need to teach people how to log out as the logout button is quite well hidden. It also seems to be a JavaScript function so I haven’t found a way to place it more prominently on the site.

Is there a way to duplicate the logout button somewhere, or better yet, to provide user a proper link for logging put that one could share easily?

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Did you look at this?

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So sorry, I somehow missed that, I spent some time trying to find solutions but only found posts for login.

Thank You!

Edit: I still think that this kind of feature should definitely work without JavaScript as well. It would be really good to have a proper URL for this, even if it was behind a feature toggle. It doesn’t even have to trigger from GET, the page could just have a form on it with a button to log out.


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