Difficult to select subcategory "none" when show_subcategory_list is enabled

If a category has subcategories, loading yoursite.com/c/category_name displays a list of topics from the category, as well as any and all subcategories. If show_subcategory_list is disabled, (for example on Stonehearth, click image below to expand), there is a second dropdown where you can select a subcategory (or none).

However, when show_subcategory_list is enabled, the second dropdown doesn’t appear. (See Meta howto). If you are attempting to view a specific subcategory, this isn’t an issue as you can select the subcategory you want from the list that appears.

If, however, you want to view only the topics in the parent category and not in a subcategory there is no easy way to do so via the UI.

One way to accomplish it is as follows:

  1. Navigate to a category with subcategories and show_subcategory_list enabled (like #howto).
  2. Click on a subcategory
  3. Notice that the second dropdown appears
  4. Click it, and select none.
  5. Notice that you are redirected to yoursite.com/c/category_name/none On Meta that would be howto - Discourse Meta, but the UI does not indicate in any way you’ve done so (other than filtering the topic list properly)

That is a very roundabout method to accomplish this. The list of subcategories is still at the top, so you have to know to scroll down, and there’s no UI method to remove the “none” (other than repeating the above steps).

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@neil is working on some subcategory stuff this week and can take a look.

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Curious if this was able to get looked at - or if more urgent items arose?

I guess the easiest solution is to always show the subcategory selector.

We were trying to be smart by hiding it when the subcategories are listed below, but it makes the navigation inconsistent.


The other option would be a “box” or “row” for the parent category.

I don’t follow. How would it look?

Something like this? Just add a box/row for the parent category itself. Really curde mockup below.

Note, I haven’t thought about this much. No idea if there needs to be an indication that this is the parent and not a subcategory, or other details.

Hmm, that looks too much like a subcategory, and doesn’t solve how to clearly show that the “none” filter is active. I’ll go with showing the subcategory filter even if we’re listing the subcategories below.


Saw the commit to add the dropdown at all times, thanks! When filtering to none the subcategory boxes still appear. Can they be removed so they only show when filtered to all?