Digest Emails are not supporting RTL

Our website is in Arabic which is RTL language.
when the users receiving the digest emails the entire email is showing from Left to right which is incorrect.

see the picture below


Thanks for reporting this. I can reproduce the problem on my own site. I think this was working correctly until recently. We will have a look at what the problem is with it now.

Edit: I am finding that the Digest Emails only have the wrong direction if I enabled the allow user locale site setting. When that setting is enabled, Digest Emails are sent out with a LTR layout, even if the site’s default locale and the user’s locale are RTL.


This has been fixed by FIX: check default locale when rtl_enabled method called without a user by scossar · Pull Request #8417 · discourse/discourse · GitHub. Digest emails will now use the text direction of the site’s default locale, even if the allow user locale setting is enabled.


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