Digest/Summary Emails not working

I used to receive summary emails and be able to send myself a test and see a visible preview of what the summary email would look like.

Now, when I visit Admin > Emails > Preview Summary, I no longer see a preview. (see screenshot below)

When I send myself a “test” email, it’s never sent/received.

Any ideas what happened? I recently installed the “discourse formatting toolbar” plugin. Could that have had any effect on my summary emails no longer working?

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A good first step would be to try safe mode and then remove the plugin.

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I tried safe-mode and disabled all customizations and plugins. Unfortunately the problem persists.

It may have something to do with another issue I noted here:

Another user said they were noticing this error in the latest version.

I just updated our instance today.

One point to note, however, is that this issue I illustrated in this particular topic (with the summary/digest emails not working) was happening before I updated our instance. That’s why I went to see if there were new updates, because I thought maybe I needed to update in order to have my summary digest emails properly working again.

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Can we repro this as well @joffreyjaffeux?

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Fixed. Thanks for report.

See [object Object] Error appearing in admin dropdown selectors for details.