Digest / Summary emails not working

After recently setting up a forum I have been trying to work out why the digest/summary emails aren’t being sent.
I have tried to see what the digest email looks like under Admin>Emails>Preview Summary but all it is is a blank screen.

I have also tried to send the test email but the email is neither being sent or received (I have also checked email logs to see if there was an attempt but there wasn’t)

My problem is nearly identical to this one however I have no extra plugins installed other than the default ones.

Have you created any topics, etc on your forum this week?

Mine is also blank on my test site if I leave the default parameters in (last seen: 21/01/22, user: JammyDodger) as I haven’t had any new topics/actions/etc this week. However, if I select 21/12/21 as the ‘last seen’ date, then it populates a summary email for me as it has something to show me.

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