Digest email to be sent on schedule only

For slower VPS servers and bigger number of community members, sending digest emails may clutter sidekiq jobs queue.

Combined with a possibly slow SMTP server and hight user activity at peak hours, this may lead to sidekiq get stuck, which will affect user “notifications” experience.

I’d like to propose a setting to control during which hours sending queued digest emails can be executed.

For many communities residing in a single country (e.g. Australia) or a single region (e.g. Europe), there will always be some period of time when user activity goes down considerably, e.g. 2am to 4:30am. This will be good time for non-important jobs like sending digest emails.

P.S. I realise hardware is much cheaper than software, so “buy better hardware instead of asking us to program this feature” will be a reasonable answer. Still, no harm in asking :slight_smile: