Digital Ocean One Click Install vs Manual Install


I’m planning to install Discourse on a new sub-domain. The best option for hosting is Digital Ocean.

I have only basic knowledge of Linux. But I know how to install discourse manually, activating SSL, etc.

But I have few questions:

  1. Since I don’t have a system admin, which is the best option to install and maintain Discourse? Manual/One Click?

  2. I heard about OS updates. Many of the members of this forum are recommending to apply software patches regularly. In this case, which is the best option? One Click/Manual?

  3. If I proceed with manual installation, is it difficult to update the OS/Any other regular process of removing unwanted files, etc.?

Look forward to a clear suggestion :slight_smile:

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My installs configure the OS to update automatically and reboot it a reboot is required to apply the updates.

I’ve been hired to help people who ran discourse for years without an update if any kind.

People are sometimes confused by the way that the one click install tries to run every time you log in to the droplet.

I recommend to follow the standard install cloud instructions and find digital Ocean docs for maintaining the OS.


Thanks Jay!

I’ll proceed with standard install.

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